Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Make Money Online - Freelancing 1


This is to all my forum friends and yahoo answers friends, who asked several quieries on genuine freelnace works to make money online. So, everybody is concerned on genuine meaning NO scams.

As I was reading through many sites, I came across a freelance site, my association with it from last one year gave me a lot of opportunities, service and money.

Basically on freelance sites,

Webmasters (out sourcers) want their projects to be done at optimum cost and they expect quality work along with time deadlines.
Programmers (who want to work) select the outsourced projects, which suit to their skill, and they put the cost involved to complete the project.

Both these people from different parts of the world meet at one place and talk about their requirements and settle their projects.

Remember all these are happening online at free of cost. Payments will be made thru safe escrow and assured. I guarantee this bcoz I am part of it from last one year.

Are you looking projects like data entry, copy writing, web research and designing etc, then I advise you to find PROJECTS ON GETAFREELANCER


Make Money Online - Freelancing 2


Am just writing this for those who are experienced bad with scam sites. Make money online has become popular as everybody is after websites and looking around for the opportunities what they have online.

In a way they stuck with lot of scam sites. To provide you job, why they need money I don’t know. So, in this regard identifying a scam site is bit easy task - my ploicy is those who ask you upfront money to provide you jobs are all scams.

In this background you just work as an independent programmer on freelance sites like scriptlance where you can register for free as a service provider. I don’t call it as a home based jobs but you can work from anywhere including home!!

All you need is to use your skills, get outsourced projects, completes the work, get payments from escrow and develop a reputation which carries you to a long way of earning money online.

So, Visit and check the projects suitable for your skills at PROJECTS ON SCRIPTLANCE


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Site Sign up - Affiliate Program

Free Site Sign Up - they have affiliate program where in which you will have high potential earning chances. Lot of people want to make their own website. They will have idea, theme and content but don't know where to start. These kind of questions I always find on yahoo answers and on forums. You can tap such folk for this program.

They offer $40 per sale as a commission and as an affiliate you can have free website from them to promote their service. Payment monthly and they will pay through paypal also.

These days are not dependable on one source of income. So, have this affiliate program in your kitty and start earning from today.

Untitled Document

How To Explode Your Affiliate Earnings


Any Cash needed? NO

Any Risk: NO

Appropriate for: Newbies, Intermediate, And Advanced


Dear Affiliate Marketer ,

As an affiliate marketer, you are looking for the best way

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Ideally, you can invest a couple of minutes and get paid

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Make Money Giving Away Free Money Making Websites

All you need to do is log in to your account, and let people

know about how they can get their own Cash-Pulling Websites.

They are valued at $2,079, but they can get them for nothing

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You make cash when:

1) A person gets a website and upgrades to have their own domain

2) A person upgrades their training materials

3) A webmaster refers their affiliates/customers/visitors to get

their own co-branded review sites. You make a 2nd tier

commission based on the lifetime commissions of the webmaster

you referred.

Sign up right now and get started making some cash!

Make Money Giving Away Free Money Making Websites

To your success!


Home Based Work - US only

Hello all my US friends,

Here is an opportunity for home based workers.No initial cost involved to start up.

Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck? Take these positive steps to make money from the comfort of your home with—the only place that you can really get started with no cost and no obligation. See the results, immediately! To get started read the website and fill out the easy-form with your name, email address and phone number. You can begin working at home at your own pace, today!

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affiliatebot - affiliate network

Affiliate bot - is affiliate networking site which houses various merchants seeking affiliatemarketing. By joining affiliate bot you can have access to these merchant programs.

Select the ones which are comfortable for you to promote or suitable to your site or blog. Affiliate bot has excellent tracking system and is prompt in payments.

Join affiliate bot today to make money online.


Click to Sell - Affiliate marketing

Click2sell ia a purely marketing based affiliate website wher you need to promote wide range of products. You can select the products that suit to your niche/site and promote.

Very genuine and prompt affiliate marketing system and pays whatever the amount you earned directly to your paypal account. No minimum make up of $50 or 100 and all.

Click to sell should be your part of money making system you can Sign Up from here.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Affiliate Future

Affiliate Future is one of the best affiliate program that has world wide presence with wide range of products and services to promote.

They have variety of product tools including the traditional links and banners. Their new interface tool helps us to promote products as if we are promoting from our own site.Wide range of merchant products, unique system of reporting makes affiliate future as one of the best affiliate programs in the industry.

Join this program at and continue your money making revolution.

Jenniefer - a new affiliate program

Its a brand new affiliate program. is a domain registrar and web hosting site. You can get hosting for only $3.99 per month as well as register domains for only $9.99.

In this affiliate program you will earn upto 30% of all payments made by the customers you refer. So even if you refer them and they register a domain name, you still get commission. Other domain registrars don't give any commission for domains.

This program also has webmaster referal program where you will get upto 15% what they earn. So, Join now

So, try your best.