Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Make Money Online - Freelancing 2


Am just writing this for those who are experienced bad with scam sites. Make money online has become popular as everybody is after websites and looking around for the opportunities what they have online.

In a way they stuck with lot of scam sites. To provide you job, why they need money I don’t know. So, in this regard identifying a scam site is bit easy task - my ploicy is those who ask you upfront money to provide you jobs are all scams.

In this background you just work as an independent programmer on freelance sites like scriptlance where you can register for free as a service provider. I don’t call it as a home based jobs but you can work from anywhere including home!!

All you need is to use your skills, get outsourced projects, completes the work, get payments from escrow and develop a reputation which carries you to a long way of earning money online.

So, Visit and check the projects suitable for your skills at PROJECTS ON SCRIPTLANCE


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